ClassPass: Yin Yang at Yogarise, Peckham


As I've become more focused on getting more yoga in my life I've also been thinking how I can access the classes I want. Because my lifestyle is pretty hectic I've decided ClassPass might be the way forward. I first came across ClassPass last year when it launched in the UK and I had the privilege of testing it out. I loved the flexibility it offered, but at the time it wasn't the right fit for me. These days however it's just the thing!

One of the things that excites me about ClassPass is that it allows me to explore some of the amazing yoga studios that are dotted around the city. Last week I decided to stick close to home and headed to Yogarise in Peckham. I’d been to Yogarise once before and really loved the space, but for one reason or another didn’t make it to another class, so I was excited for a yin yang class last Tuesday.

Yin yang balances a strong vinyasa flow practice (Yang) with long holds and meditative seated postures (Yin) which leave the body and mind feeling balanced, restored and replenished. Having had a few days away from the studio because I was travelling I was excited to get my body moving again with some flow, while also reaping the benefits of the longer holds I’ve come to love through restorative yoga.

Stepping into the studio with the mercury tipping 30 degrees was a daunting prospect, but as soon as Emma spoke I know I was in capable and encouraging hands. Throughout the practice she encouraged us both to challenge and respect our bodies, was hands on with corrections and kept us motivated in the type of heat that makes you want to go straight to savasana. I was having one of those days where my body was stiff and a little non-compliant (4.5 miles of intervals on the treadmill that afternoon might have had something to do with it) but, as is the magic of yoga, through the class my body eased (especially my tight hips) and relaxed and so did my mind. By the end I was half asleep and as chill as can be.

Yogarise is a lovely studio nestled on the second floor of the Bussy Building in Peckham, a creative hub crammed full of good things. Elevated above the bustling streets of Peckham the studio feels more like your cool friend’s living room with places to sit, reading material, cards for every yoga teacher and cool venue for miles and herbal tea on tap (I like a studio with tea the best). There are changing facilities and mats are provided, and it’s nice and close to the train station if you’re not local.