Team Unicef: Half Marathon Training Week 12


I'm tired. I think it could be one of the reasons why training has been beating me up a bit. It's the type of tired you feel when you grind to a halt after a sustained period of busy, and the last couple of months have been busy. I can't remember the last weekend I spent in London. I can't remember the last time I didn't have anything to do. It's been fabulous (how could trips and weddings and birthdays not be fabulous?!) but I am so looking forward to not doing a lot this weekend. To not squeezing my long run in after work. To resting and recovering and to letting my body settle a bit before the big day, mere weeks away. 

However shattered I am, there's no denying last week was a good one. Fun workouts with friends balanced out a tough long run (I miss the days when long runs were a pleasure and not a chore. I want those days back. Desperately) and skipping a couple of days of yoga at the weekend due to weddinging reminded me why I need to find space for practice every day - a valuable learning point.

Here's how last week panned out...

Monday: rest day and restorative yoga - yoga in bed, enough said. Seriously though, I've found regular restorative yoga has really improved my sleep (a problem for me from time to time) and that over time my body is gradually opening up in a really natural way. If you've never tried it do it, and tell me so we can go to a class together. 

Tuesday: 4.5 mile run and Yin Yang yoga at Yogarise (on ClassPass) - 4.5 miles of intervals on a treadmill in an air conditioned gym (I know the weather's now turned, but it was really hot last week, the air con needs a mention) followed by a very lovely, and very needed Yin Yang class at Yogarise. There'll be a fuller review up later in the week.

Wednesday: Pure Boost X Trial Run and yoga at home - I was so nervous going into Reshape at 1Rebel on Wednesday but I have no idea why because it was ace! I also got to play around with a lovely pair of Adidas Pure Boost X trainers (high on my 'want' list), go for a run and hang out with Elle. It was an awesome night and again there'll be a post all about it later in the week.

Thursday: 10 mile run home and yoga at home - not quite the definition of a tough run, but it wasn't run. I huffed and puffed through a sweaty 10 miles chanting 'just keep going' over for miles. I came out of it with some serious chaffing all up my back and then ate an entire cheese board myself. The cheese board only partly compensated for the urgh-ness of the whole thing so I did some naked yoga (not a euphemism) and felt a bit better. You know what also helped? Reminding myself why I'm pushing myself through all of this - to support Unicef! I'm up to £195 and I'd love to reach my £400 target, so if you'd like to help me get there you can donate here.

Friday: 3 mile run and yoga at home - a combination of work stuff with being over ambitious and under prepared meant the 3 mile run didn't happen, although I did manage a bit of yoga before Mike turned up and distracted me with a brownie (again, not a euphemism, it was a bacon and maple brownie from Bad Brownie and it was excellent).

Weekend: headed off to the country for a wedding, so it'll be more DIY yoga to see off the hangover! - again I'm a bit too ambitious sometimes so this didn't happen...but I saw two lovely friends get married, met some cool people, threw some decent shapes, managed to take a picture with Mike where neither of us look too weird and had a hangover that could only be solved by two pints of diet Coke. It was a very, very good weekend, but by Monday I was feeling the days off, a good reminder of why I need to make space in my life for more yoga.

If I overlook the horrible long run this week has been pretty nice, although jumping from one thing to another has left me desperate for a nice quiet week to recover from all the excitement. Thankfully I've got a full week of chill scheduled in...

Monday: yoga class at Brixton Pop with Brixton Yoga

Tuesday: 4.5 mile run and restorative yoga at home

Wednesday: 3 mile run and yoga at home

Thursday: More Restorative and Meditation at MoreYoga (on ClassPass)

Friday: Yin Yoga at Studio by The Detox Kitchen (on ClassPass)

Saturday: Free Range Yoga at Bullfinch Brewery and 8 mile run

Sunday: yoga at home and lots of sleep!

Final call, remember you can get some money off an entrance to London Winter Run 2017!