London Winter Run 2017 (discount code)

Even though my Mum hates it, this is one of my favourite pictures of my Dad and I. It may not be the most flattering, but it brings back really happy memories. Earlier this year my Dad and I have run the London Winter Run together and we had a really good time! Dad PB'd, there were snow storms and polar bears (the number one reason Dad wanted to do the race in the first place) and the medal was super sparkly. The year before I ran with a whole bunch of friends and had a blast, my mum cheered us on and was on hand at the end to hug everyone and ask who Jo Pavey was (while Jo Pavey was within ear shot).

I've got so many happy memories of this race and it really has earned a special significance for me, which is why I am so excited that it's back for 2017!! On 5 February 2017 there will be more snow storms. There will be more polar bears. There might be a penguin. There will definitely be an awesome medal, and if you're really lucky Dad I will buy you an entry. If this isn't enough to get me excited about running again nothing will.

Do you fancy joining me in making more happy running memories? I know it's awhile away and it's tough thinking about winter when the temperatures are through the roof, but I have a discount code for you, so you know sign up using code SIMPELLE3 let me know you'll be there and maybe come on some training runs with me (seriously, I miss running with other people so badly!). It will be awesome, you totally should!