When I made the decision to put more in to my yoga practice I put a lot of thought in to how I wanted to practice. I knew that I’d want to go to classes, and that I liked the idea of having lots of variety within my practice, but that I also needed flexibility to fit in with my busy life. While I was exploring all the options out there (and there are loads) I came across MoveGB and decided it was definitely something I wanted to try.

MoveGB is a multi-venue, multi-fitness, multi-studio fitness passport, designed to help get you moving however you want. Originally founded in Bath it’s one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the world and it’s founder is one of the leading experts in exercise adherence – Move really was created on the science of how to make staying healthier and happier easier – so perfect when you need to fit workouts into a crazy schedule.

MoveGB is built around the idea that there are 4 pillars that keep us moving, which mirrors my own philosophy when it comes to fitness. I think that unless each of these pillars is present you’re far less likely to succeed when it comes to integrating activity into your life.

  • Convenient – life is busy, so you need activity to fit around you – whenever and wherever you are
  • Varied – variety is the secret to keeping you active. Movers are twice as likely to be active than your average gym goer.
  • Movement – our bodies are designed to move. So forget about your size or shame, move to feel alive and live life to the fullest
  • For life – a move membership isn’t something you quit. Sure you can pause when life gets too busy, but you’ll never quit on a healthy happy life.

So that I could really get a feel for what MoveGB was all about I signed up for a two week free trial. The platform itself has pros and cons. It’s really easy to search for activities and book into a class, and I really liked that I could find things to do on the spur of the moment (vital when you’ve got a busy life). There’s also a really wide range of studios available, so you can try lots of new things and find them at a time that works for you.

I like that you can tailor MoveGB to your interests and budget, a sliding scale lets you pick out the activities and studios you’re most interested in and calculate which membership package would be best for you. It’s a great idea in theory, but I found the tool a little tricky to use, and I couldn’t find much information on what exactly each membership package included, which was slightly frustrating.

As I was on a trial I got to experience the most basic membership package, which meant I didn’t have access to all the classes on the plat form and typically had to pay a top up fee. The fee ranged between £1 and £10 depending on what you wanted to do, and I ended up paying an £1 for yoga at OneKX (a great YMCA run wellness centre) and £5 to go to a class at GoodVibes Studio. I don’t know if I’d have had to pay this if I’d been on a different membership package, but this wasn’t totally clear.

One of the best things about MoveGB is that it's UK wide! So many great fitness initiatives are very London-centric, and while I love my city and everything it offers I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re missing out just because you live in another city. Regardless of where you live you should have easy access to good quality fitness, and MoveGB is really coming through on that one. I also reckon it’d be good if you’re travelling as you can book in on a class anywhere with ease.

After a two week trial (and only making it to two classes due to other commitments) I reached the conclusion that, MoveGB probably isn't the right fit for me. I love the concept, and the foundations on which it's built, so it's really no reflection on the platform. However there just weren't the classes I wanted available at the times I needed and in the right location. Plus working out which membership would be the right fit was pretty frustrating. So it's onwards, like Goldilocks to find the best way to get more yoga in my life.

[post ed: I caught up with MoveGB about their membership structure and  they provided some really useful clarification - turns out I wasn't on the most basic plan, I was on a trial of the £16.49 per week plan and  there are actually three plans below this. YMCA at One KX is completely included on the plan at £20.49 per week and Good Vibes is completely included on the plan at £28.49 per feel, with pay as you go discounts available on lower priced plans. Really useful information to know - thanks team!]

**MoveGB gave me a two week free trial, but all opinions are my own**