Team Unicef: Half Marathon Training week 11

You know the saying, fail to prepare, prepare to fail? Well that really rang true for me this week! After weeks of sluggishly pulling myself through training, last week's reboot made all the difference. Seeing my plan written down helped steer me through the week, and publishing it here really pushed me to do what I said I'd do. I feel like I'm back on track and back making working out a priority, which is so important to me as working out is really what keeps me balanced when it's all kicking off, and at the moment it's all kicking off! This month is crazy busy with family commitments, travel and weddings, so I'm hardly at home which makes fitting it all in that little bit more challenging. However, it's important I do, because without the release working out gives me I'd find it all really overwhelming - the last thing I want. 

Here's how last week panned out....

Monday: rest day and restorative yoga - I love restorative yoga so much, I think it brings so many benefits to my practice and it's nice and gentle when I'm tired. I've been using this YouTube video a lot to unwind before bed (you can even do it in bed!)

Tuesday: 3 mile run and Hatha Yoga Escape class with WeTrain - this run was so great, I hit the treadmill for three miles of sweaty intervals after a long day at work. I finished off my day with a lovely Hatha yoga class - I really enjoy mixing up yoga styles and learning more about their benefits, so it was nice to experiment. 

Wednesday: 4.5 mile run and yoga at home - there's something really special about running in London after work, but it can expose the sadder aspects of the city. Four miles in my run ended because I came across a man passed out in the middle of the pavement so stopped, called an ambulance and waited with him until it arrived. Big thanks to the King's doctor who waited with me because we were in a faintly dodgy street. Once I got home I hit the mat for another restorative session to ease the day off.

Thursday: Power and Vinyasa Yoga class with WeTrain - another great yoga session with WeTRAIN! Once again it was an exclusive class of two and we powered through a dynamic flow that opened up our hips and stretched us out. It felt so good to get all stretched out.

Friday: 8 mile run and yoga at home - this run was tough! How come when you're not looking for hills they find you anyway. I slogged through 8 miles that needed to gotten over and done with before my epic birthday weekend commenced, starting with Franca Manca for lunch - the best way to recover from a run! My flight to Barcelona was delayed so I took advantage of the extra time and slotted in some airport yoga to stretch out before my flight. 

Weekend: birthday weekend in Barcelona with some DIY yoga just to keep on it! - I had the best time in Barcelona over the weekend, but running around checking everything out (and eating and drinking everything good!) meant there wasn't much time for yoga, although I did pull some shapes at the airport!

All in all I thought it was a pretty great week! I'm still finding running harder than I'd like/am used to, but I'm really enjoying focusing more on yoga and the fact it's drawing me closer to my overall goal of having more balance in my life. 

This week is another busy one balancing work and yet another weekend away, so it's plan, plan, plan (plus lots of yoga at home, because you know flexibility) - 

Monday: rest day and restorative yoga (because I love restorative yoga!)

Tuesday: 4.5 mile run and Yin Yang yoga at Yogarise (on ClassPass)

Wednesday: Pure Boost X Trial Run and yoga at home

Thursday: 10 mile run home and yoga at home

Friday: 3 mile run and yoga at home

Weekend: headed off to the country for a wedding, so it'll be more DIY yoga to see off the hangover!

It's going to be another whirlwind week! I'm also nearly at the halfway point in my fundraising, and it would be amazing if I could get there this week!