Team Unicef: Half Marathon Training Week Nine

It's not even 10pm yet and I'm sitting in bed, tapping away, mostly thinking about how week nine (!) of half marathon training has been, partly thinking about how I really should remove my gel polish but I'm too impatient to sit around waiting for acetone to do it's thing. 

But I digress.

In many ways week nine was pretty unremarkable. I actually ran very little - one wholly unremarkable 4.5 mile run through the city (although I did discover Marylebone High Street, which looks fabulous) and 8 miles on Saturday morning which was speedy and felt good. I threw in a session of cross-training with Elle in for a bit of a challenge - and after a week and a half off and far too much food and drink it really was a challenge - and I did yoga.

A lot of yoga.

Yoga every (damn) day infact. I'm going to dedicate a post later in the week sharing the details of exactly what I'm up to, but to be a hippy about it I felt called to focus a bit more on my practice than maybe I have done in the past. I've practice yoga on and off for years, but never especially seriously. However lately I felt like something was missing, that I needed a way to quiet my mind and strengthen myself, so I decided to start the habit of doing at least some yoga every day. I'm already feeling an impact, I won't spoil the blog post, but I will say that I think it'll make me a better, stronger runner. Which is why I don't feel too bad about dropping some runs.

I do wonder if my lack of motivation to run was because I was being called to do something different with my body. That my body needs a change at the moment. Feeling less pressure to run four or five times a week (which is a lot by anyones standards) is helping, but so is getting my headspace in a different way. I'm hoping absence will make the heart grow fonder. While also gifting me killer glutes and a calmer mind. I noticed during my run on Saturday that I felt happier running than I had done in quite awhile. My legs felt lighter and my head was clearer. it felt like less of a slog and the miles passed more lightly. After weeks of hauling myself through training it was refreshing, an I hope it continues. I can't imagine not running, but for awhile I was concerned I was so un-enamoured. Things aren't back where there were, but they are improving. 

I'm still shaking the can for Unicef, and I really hope that you'll dig deep and give big for this amazing cause - my target is just £400, but that £400 can make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable children.