Wild Night Out 2016

I had my first foray into adventure before I was one, my outdoorsy parents strapped me in to a backpack and hauled me up Snowdon. There's a picture somewhere of me with my Dad, wearing a little pink and green hat sent to me all the way from Nepal. Through school I carried on being up for outdoor stuff. I sucked at PE, but I could navigate you up a mountain no problem and thought the idea of wading up a freezing Scottish stream sounded rather good. In high school the opportunity to join a World Challenge expedition to Ecuador came up and I didn't think twice. I signed up and got myself a Saturday job the next day to save up for my adventure. These days I don't get nearly as many opportunities to be adventurous in that sense, and to be honest I've not been that good at creating them, which I think is fairly typical of people in their 20s and early 30s. However, I credit those early experiences with helping me develop a certain drive and resilience which has got me where I am today.

I have such fond memories of hauling up mountains and exploring new places, and I think it's something every child should have the opportunity to do. That's why on 16 July I'll taking part in Wild Night Out 2016 in support of the Youth Adventure Trust, an organisation that uses outdoor adventure to help vulnerable and disadvantaged young people to develop the hope, skills and confidence to face the challenges in their lives. I believe that spending time outdoors, learning new skills and working as a team can be an amazing opportunity to develop and prove to yourself what you can do, unfortunately though lots of young people don't get this experience for a whole host of reasons.

Wild Night Out is about raising the funds to help everyone have access to the outdoors by inviting you to have an adventure. Whether you camp under the stars or climb a mountain, by donating to the Youth Adventure Trust you'll be making a difference while you do something you love. Me? Well I'm going to spend the morning trying out a little trail running somewhere in London. Fancy joining me, just drop me a message either in the comments or on social media and we will make a plan.