Everyday Sexism

Today, as I was walking alone through my normally quiet estate, a man made a comment about how I looked. I didn't know this man, I was just walking along the street. It angered me that he felt it was ok to pass comment on the way I looked. I was a woman he didn't know, who was minding her own business and had not in any way opened herself up to judgement.

So I told him to fuck off.

The inevitable happened, this random man got angry. He got angry that I wouldn't take his so called 'compliment'. He started calling me every crude name under the sun, every offensive term for a vagina there is. He told me to get my boyfriend to fight him and defend my honour. He would win, that would show what a pathetic woman I was. All because I called a man out on treating me like an object.

Any man who makes unsolicited comments about the appearance of a woman who he doesn't know is objectifying woman, treating them as a piece of public property on which it's acceptable to pass judgement. What's more, when these men get angry that you don't take their 'compliment' as they think you should, it's further proof of their attitude to women. As women we are so insignificant we should be thankful for their pitiful words and if we don't respond in thanks, tossing them a sweet smile of a muttered gratitude then we are pariahs worthy of nothing. We need a man to protect us and our worth should only be derived from the words of men. It's pathetic. It says more about those men and their sense of masculinity than it says about me and my ability to take a compliment. 

Cat call me and I will call you on it. I don't care what you call me back, you need to know how the object feels.