WeTrain with Elle

One of my goals for the run up to Royal Parks Half Marathon is to work more on my strength and conditioning. It's not something I'm great at. I know I should do it. I enjoy it when I'm doing it. It's always the lowest priority. While I've been better recently, getting to the gym and working out a couple of times a week, I'd always rather be outside and ideally training with other people. With all this in mind it was pretty great when Elle announced she was going to be leading shared PT sessions on Clapham Common with WeTrain.

WeTrain is an awesome fitness start up that's a great way to find small group fitness sessions at a really affordable price. It's flexible, there's a wide variety of workouts on offer and it's a great alternative to both big classes and one on one training - options that can either be too impersonal or too expensive. 

Elle Linton is a PT/blogger/entrepreneur extraodinaire who I've had the pleasure of training with on and off for the last few years. Oh and she's my mate, and everyone know training is more fun with your mates.

With just two of us to train Elle put us through a tough 45 minute workout that pushed parts of me that definitely hadn't been worked in awhile. There were squats, lunges, cross jumps, burpees, commandos, press ups, the works. We didn't use any equipment, just our bodyweight and got some serious sweat on. We also laughed, a lot. Nothing beats training with your mates. it's really fun. It makes even the toughest move easier. They know you and they know how to motivate you. That's the other great thing about WeTrain, it's super easy to arrange a group session with your friends, get sweaty and then go to the pub. 


This is a session I'd definitely do again, and not just because Elle's my friend. The straightforward outdoor workout was exactly what I needed after being cooped up in a gym for far too long. Even when it hurt I had a massive smile on my face. 

[this is in no way a promotional piece. I've had no contact with WeTrain and I paid for my own class]