Team Unicef: Half Marathon Training Week Five

I've decided to up my selfie game. In part it's because I'm awful (really awful) at having my photo taken and wonder if it might be because I need more practice, and in part it's to pass the time on long runs - a selfie a mile is a great way to pass the time.

Anyway...this week training hasn't been quite as on point as it was last week. I've made it to the gym a couple of times to run a few miles and do some squats, and my six mile training run was a dream thanks to all those selfie stops, but I've not done quite as much as I'd planned to. Work has been pretty full on lately thanks to a challenging brief and just a week and a half until my very eagerly anticipated holiday (a week an a half off...the most time I've had off from work in years!!) so by Friday I was crashing out and needed to ditch the gym in favour of a nap. This was not one of those occasions where working out would perk me up! 

The runs I have managed to do have been great. While I've mostly been avoiding the heat by running in the gym, the six miles I got in on Saturday morning felt fine (despite being really sweaty) which bodes well for the holiday running I've got planned. I'm still really enjoying conditioning as well, there's just something so satisfying about the achy muscles which come after a good session!

When it comes to my eating goals I think I'm still pretty on point. Even when I was super tired and grumpy at the end of the week I didn't resort to a bag of Haribo to get me through. There's a first time for everything. Long may it continue. My slight downfall recently in relation to nutrition has been booze. With hot weather comes lots of opportunities to socialise, and given that I'm free of uni for a few months I've been keen to take advantage of every opportunity to see people I can get. Which often means I end up drinking half a bottle of prosecco without really realising I'm doing it. I should probably tone that down a bit.

Over the next week I need to focus a little harder on my fundraising goal. I want raise £400 for Unicef, and I suspect a good place to start would be actually telling people that I'm fundraising. Not been so great at that one please sponsor me and help support Unicef's valuable work!