Team Unicef: Half Marathon Training Week Four

So this posting every day thing isn't going very well is it?! No really good excuses, just being a bit rubbish, but then I suspect anyone who reads this (possibly with the exception of my Mum) is too busy enjoying the good weather to follow blogs right at the moment.

Anyway, what has been going really well is training! Last week I set myself a few goals for the week, and I'm really proud of how committed I've been to achieving them.

  • complete all five runs on my training plan including some trail running on Hampstead Health in celebration of Wild Night Out 2016. 

I didn't quite manage all five runs (Sunday's 3 miles got cut because I was tired from a busy, busy, busy weekend) but I was pleased with every run I did. Through the week I trained on a treadmill in the gym simply because it allows me to manage my pace really precisely and I can go straight to the mats after my run for some strength and conditioning. Plus air conditioning. I really like air conditioning. However I do miss being outside, so on Saturday I headed off to Hampstead Heath for a bit of an adventure. Despite living in London for close to 8 years to my shame I'd never explored the Heath (beyond doing some filming there last year for Adidas) and it was awesome running about and finding all the hidden trails for five miles. Although my run was slow (heat and hills is a killer combo) I loved it and trail running is definitely something I'd like to try again!

  • to get to the gym and do at least two conditioning sessions

I totally smashed this goal. I followed up three of this week's runs with strength and conditioning sessions, and although I ached (DOMS on DOMS) for days it felt so good to be doing something I enjoy and that crucially makes me feel confident and happy. This is a goal I'll definitely roll forward in to the future.

  • to focus on what I'm putting in my body

I think I've had a pretty good week when it comes to food. I'm never going to be someone who eats 'clean' all of the time or passes on a burger, it's just not me, but I have been making an effort to take healthy lunches to work (or make healthy choices if I'm picking something up) and not to snack quite so much. Having a little bit of focus has made a massive difference. I've quit my mid-morning snack because I'm filling up on a health, protein rich breakfast (typically a yoghurt), eating a decent lunch and a good dinner with lots of veg. I do still have an afternoon snack, lunch and dinner can be a long way apart and I need a bit of a boost for the gym, but again I'm trying to keep it healthy. I'm also making sure I have some protein after training to help with recovery. I feel better for not grazing aimlessly on food just because I'm bored or tired and making conscious decisions about what I eat. Again, a goal I want to roll forward.

Having goals has really helped me to focus over the last week. While they're not huge targets, having these little prompts has helped me make the best decisions I can for myself and given me a huge sense of achievement over the week. I'm really proud of myself for staying on target. 

This week my goal is to start fundraising! This race isn't just for fun, I want to raise some serious money for Unicef. I want to raise £400 - enough money to help Unicef to rapidly respond to the needs of 22 children who've been displaced or affected by conflict in Syria. If I can do that simply by running, well than can only be a good thing. If you would like to donate I you can check out my fundraising page here