Team Unicef: Half Marathon Training, week 3

This week hasn't been amazing when it comes to training. Of the five runs on my training schedule I've dropped two - a 3 mile easy run and a 4.5 mile easy run - due to both lack of time and, today, a hangover. But then knew that this week training simply wouldn't be a priority. You see my lovely friend Sophie got married over the weekend which saw me disappear to deepest, darkest Kent for three wonderful days of celebrations. It was magical. We had so much fun spending time together and catching up in a way that just doesn't happen in every day life. It was beyond special.

Generally, special occasions will always come first over training. Life is about balance, I can't imagine letting running get in the way of celebrating the people I love most on days that mean a lot to them, and for me it's those times that make life brilliant. However, I do feel like I need to get a little more on it next week if I'm going to reach my goals in October. With a busy few weeks ahead I need to take advantage of the time I've got now and set out a few short term goals. 

In the next week I want to achieve the following:

  • all five of the runs on my training plan, including some trail running on Hampstead Heath in aid of Wild Night Out 2016
  • to get in the gym and do at least two conditioning sessions - I love these sessions but always end up dropping them for other things, it's time to focus on doing what I enjoy best
  • to focus on what I'm putting in my body. The last could of weeks have been pretty indulgent, and I can really feel it, so it's time to think a bit harder about how I'm fuelling myself (and maybe drinking a little less!)

Hopefully having these small goals will keep me on track and help me get the most out of the next few weeks of training before the disruption of holidays kicks in and competition for time hots up again.