Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

Protect and recover-2.jpg

A couple of weeks ago a guy called Tom reached out to me to tell me about his new skincare range, Ride Skincare. His girlfriend was a fan of my blog (hi Tom's girlfriend!!) and they thought that the products might be of interest. Tom asked if I'd be up for writing something about their around the time they launched on Kickstarter (today!) to help spread the word about their campaign.

I get email like this fairly often. I don't tend to respond to that many of them, it's not what I want this blog to be about, but every so often something piques my interest, and that's what happened with Tom. Tom explained that Ride Skincare have created an all-natural SPF 30 sunscreen and post-ride moisturiser specifically for riders (and runners, in my case!). The products have been designed and tested to make sure they work in all outdoor conditions - the sunscreen is sweat and rain resistant, and there are thoughtful details like the fact the tube is small enough to slip in a saddle bag (or hydration pack, again thinking of the runners!).

So far so interesting. However, what really spun it for me was when Tom told me that the products use natural and organic ingredients. I have really sensitive skin. Really really sensitive. Like a little bit of chaffing causes the skin on my back and chest to break open. I need products that are going to be really kind, and I tend to err on the side of natural to achieve that. Unfortunately, not a lot of natural sunblocks are up to a long run, and as a ginger sun protection is a must so I'm instantly attracted to any product that might meet all my needs, and Ride Skincare seems promising. 

Having researched Ride Skincare I'm genuinely excited about what it could offer - a solution for active people that doesn't involve a tonne of chemical nasties and that really cares for their skin. When we're outside our skin goes through a lot, we should be kind to it! I never share anything here I don't believe in, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is on this one and pledging to support Ride Skincare's Kickstarter campaign (in fact I might have been the first pledge, that much is my enthusiasm...) and I think you should join me helping this great little company get started.