Mike Goes Running - week three (and a bit)

Going to be upfront here, Mike wrote this awhile ago...I just didn't post it...a million apologies that I've made you wait to hear his latest discovery...

So we're into week three of my training program. On the whole things have got better, less of the 'f*** this' and more 'yeah this is feeling good' moments.

Although this week I have discovered something new which I haven't experienced before. From what I've read, most runners at some point get this in all sorts of places. For some its the nipples, for others its around the bum, I got it across my inner thigh. That's right folks, we're talking chafing.

I've never has this before so wasn't sure what to make of it at first. It developed over a 5 mile run, and in the shower after I noticed I was a little raw in certain places. What does one do to stop chafing?

After a little research [editors note: a succession of awkward WhatsApp messages asking me what he should do], I've hard Vaseline is a good option (emphasis was put on labelling your tub), cycling shorts or running underwear was another option, or...going commando!

After a lot of consideration, I chose the commando option. Vaseline sounds messy and rather than investing in special underoos that may or may not work I thought a natural approach may be better.

Two runs using the commando methods and I am chaff free! And would thoroughly recommend it.

Will I continue running commando? At the moment yes, however I have bought some (very flattering [editor: read as tight]) bright blue running pants in case I feel it is a little cold out there on the pavement.

When not training for Run Hackney Mike presents Bass and BreaksIf you want to join (a chafe free) Mike at Run Hackney there's still time to sign up here.