I really like braids. With masses of thick hair to control, and a fringe that's at an awkward stage of growing out, braids have been my saviour for the last six months or so. Or broadly speaking since Alexis Day did my hair for Adidas' Young Urban Runner campaign. Alexis converted me. She showed me how quick and easy it could be to pull my hair back and look like I'd made an effort. On a bench. At the top of Parliament Hill. In the rain. I think we can all agree the results were pretty impressive.

Since this shoot I've mastered the art of the braid. It takes practice, patience and grimy hair. Three days in seems to work the best. Although if it's too clean a little dry shampoo lends the gritty texture to make things stick. Every time I braid my hair I get compliments. Every time I get compliments I bask in the though that it took me five minutes and my hair is filthy. 

Sadly my film star skills only extend as far as running weirdly slowly past a camera, so no tutorial I'm afraid, however I can recommend Barefoot Blond's tutorials for all things braid related, and I have rounded up a few of my favourite products:

COLAB Dry Shampoo - possibly controversial, but I reckon this stuff is better than Batiste. It gives good grit for those days when your hair is a little bit too clean (available at Superdrug)

Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme - I use this to smooth down any frizz or flyaway hair daily. Even when my hair isn't in braids. It's a wonder product (available at Bumble and Bumble)

LOreal Elnett Satin Hairspray - the Grandmother of hairspray. Does what is says on the tin. Doesn't leave your braids looking sticky. Brushes out. Is in a glitzy can. Apply liberally to hold your braids for days - seriously, I've got two days out of mine sometimes (available at Boots)

*FYI - the glasses I'm wearing in the film are Adidas, available at All product recommendations are things I really like, use and paid for*