Omnida Hot Yoga

London is a city divided. You're either north of the river, or south of the river. Your location says a lot about you. Northerners get funny about coming south. Southerners get nosebleeds when they go north. 

I was born south of the river. While I left London and live briefly north on my return 20 years later, it's fair to say home has always been south. It just feels right. So getting me to go north takes a lot. If I'm going to sit on the tube for half an hour it had better be for a good reason. In the light of this Omnida Studios, based in Turnpike Lane which feels like the far outreaches of the north to a southern belle like me, had a challenge on their hands. They lured me in with yoga. They promised me a cosy room and a good stretch. Some stress relief and some snacks. With trepidation I ventured north.

It turns out that, sometimes, stepping out of your geographical comfort zone can be a good thing. Stepping in to the warm, clean (brand new!) studio I immediately felt comfortable (not a nose bleed in sight!). Maybe the bleak north wasn't so bad after all?!

The hot yoga offered at Omnida is quite distinct from other hot yoga classes I've tried. This isn't Bikram. There are no sweltering temperatures here. There is no requirement for hot pants and crop tops. You're not going to come out so drenched that it would be an insult to society to get on the tube. Rather I'd liken it to doing yoga on holiday. The temperature is warm and relaxing. It makes you feel cosy and cared for. It helps you ease and stretch your muscles out. It soothes.

The class I tried at Omnida was a 30 minute taster session with a bunch of other bloggers. I'd love to go back and try out the longer sessions that are offered on Saturday and Sunday mornings (very civilised), I reckon they'd be the perfect addition to the weekend. So maybe there are good reasons to head north?

*Omnida Studios were kind enough to invite me over to check out their studio and overcome my fear of north London. As always all opinions are my own.*