Mike Goes Running - Run Hackney, week one (and a bit)

Let me say at the outset that I had nothing to do with Mike's decision to Run Hackney this year...none at all...I just wanted to be clear about that. However, seeing as he is doing it, and seeing as it's his first half marathon, I thought getting him to write a training diary for the blog might be fun. 

Why am I running? This is a good question. Exercise has never been my thing, at school I avoided it, at university I joined the ultimate frisbee club and attended once, and generally I thought I was active enough to get by.

In 2014 the bro said he was looking to do the London 10k, to which I said I'll do that with you. I signed up and he didn't (until the last minute). Anyway to make sure I ran it I decided to run on behalf of a charity that meant a lot to me, CALM. 

I trained for 12 weeks using the Nike+ app and did the race in under an hour.

I continued running after that, taking part in the occasional ParkRun until work commitments got in the way.

In 2015 CALM asked me to run the London 10k again, and I obliged, although this time I didn't have time to train, fitting in only three runs before. Admittedly my general fitness was better than the first time so I felt OK not having to put the effort in. My aims were; to complete the race, run it all and do it in under an hour, and I achieved them all (even scoring a new PB). 

However after the race I ended up in hospital with kidney stones, and I haven't run since.

Until last week.

After doing two 10k races and hearing how fun Run Hackney is, I thought it was time to try something longer and more challenging.

Using Nike+ I have a 12 week training plan which builds up to the race. Not going to lie, week one was (insert expletive here) hard. the first run was only three miles, which I used to be able to do easily, and I struggled. Same with the second four mile run. The third four miler wasn't was at all, I decided to run home from work which should have been a nice, easy, flat route. it was all that but with strong winds and rain in your face, really after the first mile I was thinking f*** this, why am I doing this?

So, week two. Unfortunately the first week didn't happen. After a bit of an illness I thought it would be best to skip running around in the cold. But the second run of the week happened yesterday. It felt good, which was a huge surprise. I don't know what's changed but I think my body has finally accepted I'm exercising again. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come. Bring on the rest of week two. 

When not training for Run Hackney Mike presents Bass and Breaks.

If you want to join Mike (and me!) at Run Hackney there's still time to sign up here.