New Shoes - Kalenji Eliorun 2 Review

I really like running shoes. Last time I counted I had getting close to 10 pairs of running shoes alone, and with that much experience I like to think I know a great shoe from a meh shoe. Of course everyone's views on what makes a great shoe great, and these are just my opinions, but I figured it was time I got some of my *ahem* wisdom down on 'paper' (erm the internet) in a new series called 'New Shoes'...first up, the Kalenji Eliorun 2.

what they said

Freedom of movement for road running, up to 60 mins per session, 2-3 times a week.

Very limber sole, enhances foot motion.

K-ring heel technology for superior shock absorption.

Shoes that are so light you won't notice them.

what I said

Running shoes aren't typically cheap, when I go shoe shopping I typically envisage I'll spend around £100 on new kicks - it's the type of purchase that involves a sharp intake of breath and some budget planning. For me it's worth it, I run a lot and I get my money out of my shoes, but if you're starting out on your running journey I could imagine that that type of outlay on something you don't even know if you like could be off-putting. Very off-putting. 

That's why I like these shoes. These shoes are a newbie-runner's dream. Retailing at a very wallet friendly £39.99, they're a great cushiony shoe that will see you through couch to 5k and on to your first 10k. 

Kalenji makes a big deal about how light these shoes are, and how limber the sole is, now I'll disclaim that I've been wearing a really light shoe lately, so I might have been spoilt, but I don't see it. The sole had some give but I wouldn't describe it as flexible, and they aren't the lightest ever. However, as I said I'm coming from a bias position, and I do think they're a good all round shoe that have a lot of potential to serve you really well.

This is such a neat looking shoe. I really like the 'feminine yet not bright pink' great and pink colour way, and simple styling. My tip would be to size up, I have narrow feet and typically wear a size 6 running shoe, but the 6.5 was perfect for me.

the details

price - £39.99

available - via Decathlon, online or in store

sizes - UK 3 - 7 (oddly the half sizes aren't available on the website)


a great first shoe at a great price.

*Decathlon were nice enough to send me the Kalenji Eliorun2, but as always all opinions are my own*