Fire Up Your Run

Last night I didn't really feel like running. It was raining. I was tired and a bit stressed out after a long busy week. My to do list was (and still is) as long as my arm. And winter has sucker punched it's way in to my life this week. Blurgh. We've all been there. It's a thing that all runners go through. The days you just don't fancy it. Or frankly can't be arsed.

It takes a lot to get out of the door on those days. You've got to summons up all your good running memories. Those runs that made you feel like you were floating. The run that just made you smile. You've got to seek out the scenery that gets you going, whether it's a well trodden path or somewhere new. And sometimes you've got to take a deep breath, have a word with yourself and get your ass out of the door. 

Or if all else fails get some disco lights.

Disco lights work really well. 

Disco lights make you feel a little bit like a superhero. They turn what would otherwise been a plod through damp, deserted streets on a Saturday night. It's like a solo rave in the street. Except without music. Headphones aren't a great idea when it's dark, which is a shame, because my 'very worst in house music' playlist would have been perfect. 

Dashing through the streets at night can be a bit unnerving. However, knowing I could be seen was really reassuring. Disco lights bring your hi-vis to life and are more eye catching because cars and other traffic can see you from much further away.

Last night I was sporting Nathan's very fetching lightspur which easily attached to the back of my shoe. It took a little getting used to because of the extra weight, but after a few minutes I was good to go. I also wore the pulsar strobe on my right shoe, a neat clip on light that flashed away while I ran and the hyperbrite strode on a waist belt which is proper disco! 

*many thanks to Nathan Sports for helping to fire up my run, you really made my night*