Yoga at Pop Brixton

I love Pop Brixton, since it popped up (see what I did there?!) earlier this year it's become a regular haunt and most of the time I can be found wandering around looking for beer (don't ask) and eating all of the food. There's lots of food. Lots of really good food. 

Pop Brixton is about more than all the good food (yesterday's long run means I have food on the brain in a serious way. Apparently I looked at a Franco Manca pizza earlier like I was in love with it. I was. I still am.), it's a project to support local jobs, training and enterprise in Brixton showcasing the best and most exciting independent start-ups from the local area allowing every to share space, skills and ideas. It's a pretty brilliant concept. 

As well as all of the food (did I mention the food? I'm pretty sure I did) Pop hosts a whole range of events in it's multi-functional container spaces - which is how I ended up doing yoga in the same space I'd been doing my weird marathon runner shuffle dance to a band the week before. I'm sure one will help the other. 

It's no secret that I've been a bit lax on the marathon training this time around. I've been running three times a week and religiously respect the long run, but beyond that I've not been very good, coasting along on existing strength and hoping for the best. With barely three weeks to go it's not a total shock that I'm a bit (a lot) stiff (it makes the weird shuffle dance even more attractive) so having the opportunity to stretch out and challenge my body was a relief.

When you are as far from flexible as I am the last thing you need is a competitive yoga class where you feel self-conious if you need to stop/get cramp somewhere weird/need all the modifications in the world. Luckily the 60 minutes I spent with Jocie were about as laid back as it gets. There was no pressure to push and push, it was all about doing things your own way. And the the savasana was something else - seriously, find a teacher who pops a blank over you and gives you a little head rub, it's the best. I came away far less stiff and stressed than I'd been, and really isn't that why we go to yoga. That and juice from HomeGrown.


Can we take a moment to talk about my fleece. Yes I said fleece, I know, I never thought I'd wear a fleece again either, but this one is pretty awesome. When I was 15 or 16 I got my first piece of 'proper' outdoor kit - a big purple fleece with a funnel neck from Sprayway. I remember loving it and I wore it to death. It came with me all over the world and was only retired because it got really gross and ratty. I had some great adventures in that fleece and it was really exciting when Blacks asked me if they could send over the Elm fleece of it for me to try out - an updated version of the fleece I loved so much! I've been wearing it pretty solidly since it arrived and I have to say it's a winner - the neck is the perfect depth to peek over during lecture in a cold room (or when hungover), the fit of the body is neither too tight nor too loose, it has pockets, and the We Heart Living office puppy thought it was pretty snuggly. The only improvement I'd make would be thumb holes, I do like a thumb hole. 

*Pop Brixton invited me along to try out their yoga class as part of wellness week but I spend a lot of time there of my own free will and Sprayway, Brookes and Adidas keep me decent, but I don't say I like something unless I actually do*