Vitality Run Hackney is Back!

Vitality Run Hackney has to be one of my favourite half marathons. I love how accessible it is. I love the amount of support it generates. I love the route. I love that it's easy to get to. I love the atmosphere. I love that Run Dem get their confetti cannons out for it. It's awesome. If you meet me in real life and express even a slight interest in ever maybe even possibly running a half marathon I'll bang on about how great it is until you sign up. And given I persuade people to do things every day as part of my job resistance is futile, you will sign up and run 13.1 miles around Hackney and you will love it too. 

(read my recap of 2015 here)

With this adoration in mind it's not really a surprise that I got a little tiny bit excited when the press release for Vitality Run Hackney landed in my inbox. WhatsApp messages were sent to key people. My Facebook feed was full of reposts. I did a little dance. You know, usual stuff. 

You might assume that I have a sad life if a race generates this much excitement. While I am a run nerd I do like to think I get out occasionally (hence the slightly sporadic posting sometimes) - this enthusiasm is real. It is that good.

Don't trust me? Try it for yourself. Entries for 2016 are now O.P.E.N and there's a special early bid discount if you sign up sharpish.