Ready to Run with Adidas

I'm sure we've talked before about my love of running in London (remember this post). Well last week I had another opportunity to live out my running dreams, and this time it was caught on film. Along with the awesome Frankie Holah, Lunges & Lycra, Julia Lundin and Fitness on Toast, I headed to Parliament Hill at some silly time in the morning to put Adidas' new eyewear range through its paces...and check out the view. Wow the view. 

Anyway, back to the glasses, which were something quite special. Adidas has a great reputation for producing high spec sports eyewear but, if I'm honest, it's always been a bit too sporty for me. I look like fly when I wear wrap around glasses. With this in mind I was really excited to check out the wildcharge and whipstart glasses. Blurring the lines between sport and lifestyle this is eyewear with a distinctly urban edge, taking you from street to run without compromising style or performance. 

With features like ribbed grip temples for stability, state-of-the-art nose pads for adjustable fit, quick-release temples that pop apart on impact if you take a tumble and Light Stabilizing Technology to harmonise light fluctuations, this is serious kit. Oh and did I mention they look great. I mean they made me feel like a bad-ass. And we all know how much I like to fee like a bad-ass. 

You know what also makes me feel like a bad-ass? This film

You can buy the new Adidas wildcharge and whipstart from ProDirect Running.

*Many thanks to Adidas Eyewear for inviting me to be part of this project. I had a total blast. However, all opinions are my always...this is actually really great eyewear*