Life Right Now

So I'm not totally sure where the last month or so (or however long it is since I last posted) has gone. Awhile ago Lauren posted something about how when her life is the messiest her blog looks it's best and when things are great the blog goes quieter. I feel the same. Life is pretty awesome at the moment. I can't remember a time when I've felt so content. Nothing is perfect, but as it stands, right now this minute, life couldn't get any better. And as a result I'm not writing as much. Instead I'm diving down rabbit holes and getting lost in my real life. My offline life. I hope it doesn't end. But it does mean there might be a little less posting around here. So I thought a little round up of what the hell I've been doing might be in order. 

marathon training

Yep, I'm training for another marathon. Less than 12 hours after finishing Paris I'd signed up for Bristol + Bath Marathon, high on the endorphins of running a scary long way. I'm not convinced it was a terribly good idea, but it happened so come October I'll be clocking up my second 26.2 miles in just over six months. This training cycle has been very different to the last one. I've got to admit that training hasn't necessarily been my number one priority. It's happening, but unlike last time it's not really taken over my life. That scares me a bit, I'm worried that come race day I won't be up to form, so the priority for the next few weeks is to pull my finger out and work that little bit harder. Saying that though I'm not in this game for PBs, I want to have experiences, and Bristol + Bath will be a different experience, if only because of the hills. There are lots of them. 

hiking up hills

Mountains have been a feature of my life for as long as I can remember. There's a picture of me somewhere being carried up Snowdon in a backpack sometime around my first birthday. I've been lucky enough to travel all over the world to climb things and at points wondered whether there was a career in it for me. However, for various reasons over the last few years I've just not climbed. A couple of months ago I started to get the itch to be outdoors again and last week found myself running up Snowdon in driving rain, water squelching in my trail shoes, convinced I would never be warm or dry again. Rain aside, hauling ass up a mountain solo does make you feel like a bad ass. I'd recommend it.

spending time with my people 

I have some awesome people in my life, and for the last couple of months I've made spending time with those people a real priority. It's been awesome. Yes, I've probably spent more time in the pub than is strictly sensible, but I reckon it's worth it. 

These are just the highlights. The mundane stuff is still there. But life is great. So I'm not blogging so much. It's something I'm happy about.