Getbuzzing - eating well while rushed off your feet

In case you missed it, stuff around here has been a bit busy lately. It's why blog posts have been sporadic at best. Time is not on my side. 

When there aren't enough hours in the day I tend to find the first thing to go is paying attention to what I eat, or more specifically the snacks that I eat. Suddenly I'm relying of grabbing a snack while running between appointments, and those snacks are not always the healthiest option. In fact they're not always the most satisfying option either. Is it just me, or does a random chocolate biscuit always leave you wanting more? And then when you're stressed you go grabbing another (and another, and another) until you feel a bit sick and dizzy with all the sugar. Just me? You don't have to fess up, but it's the worst, and you know it's happened to you. I mean I could definitely feel the spiral starting a couple of weeks back. Not good.

Thankfully the lovely people at Getbuzzing stepped in just before I could lose all control and sent me a little care package of their wonderful flapjacks. 

100% natural, Getbuzzing flapjacks are a genuinely healthy snack that also promise to taste good. All of Getbuzzing flapjacks are nut free, but I especially like that the cherry flavour bar is also packed with protein. I'm a person who is hungry nearly all the time and a good protein hit means that I stay fuller for longer. Which is a good thing. 

I'm always a little sceptical when a health food claims to taste good (don't lie, you know you've eaten the equivalent to cardboard just because it's healthy, and it's no fun!), but I am pleased to say that Getbuzzing lived up to it's promises. While the bars were flakier than I expected (watch it doesn't fall apart as you eat) they tasted great, not too sweet, not at all like sawdust. I mean I was definitely happy to eat more than one of them! Plus they go surprisingly well with is, after all, all about balance! 

A winner if you ask me. Now where's the bar I stashed at the bottom of my handbag?

*Getbuzzing kindly sent me some snacks because they know I get peckish at about 3pm and don't always make good food choices, however, as always, all opinions are my own...I just happen to feature the stuff I like best*