Lexie x Tempo


Oh, hey there! Sorry it's been awhile...no real excuses beyond the non-excuse 'I've been busy', but hey I have been busy, busy doing fun things like checking out Lexie x Tempo. 

Lexie Sport is one of my favourite UK sportswear brands. They effortlessly fuse stylish design, eye catching prints and technical credentials to produce beautiful gear that performs. Oh and everything is designed and made in the UK.

Tempo Pilates take a fresh approach to Pilates which helps you master the principals of Pilates (breathing, centring, concentration, control, flow, precision) with an up tempo playlist which makes time fly. The amazing atmosphere is complimented by expert instructors and state of the art equipment, making for a great experience. 

Classes at Tempo are typically an hour, but as this was a special event we had a slightly shorter workout, but it was still a great taster. I loved the upbeat soundtrack and how the moves were in sync with the music, it really did make the time fly and helped massively when the burn kicked in. I don't know about you, but I always under estimate how challenging Pilates can be! It can be so tough, especially on the reformer, which I find pushes me that little bit further than mat work ever does! 


classes throughout the day, every day of the week


three studios in London - E1, E8, WC2

how much

one class is £26 (£17 off-peak) but there are various options available

what to wear

bottom line

A great workout that leaves you aching in a good way!