Buti Yoga with Gymbox

What do you get when you combine yoga, plyometrics and tribal moves with rave paint and neon lights?

Buti Yoga.

Buti Yoga is a high intensity workout that transforms the body from the inside out. Using the Spiral Structure technique the core is trained in a way that transforms the way your body looks and performs almost instantly.

Entering the studio I don't think any of us knew what to expect. I mean a class at GymBox is rarely normal (a good thing...no one wants to spend an hour in a dull class), and the rave paint we'd so carefully applied before hand was a hit that something special was coming, but other than that we were in the dark.

As we took to our mats and the music started it became clear that this was going to be unlike any yoga class we'd been to before. Baselines pounded and UV lights highlighted the tribal daubs on our arms and faces (if only it had been dark...if you go to this class try to find one after dark, I bet it would be epic!). We moved in time to the beat, alternating between classic yoga moves revved up with isolated rotations and more tribal moves that saw us pounding the floor and leaping around on our mats.

Sweat poured and energy rose as we got our groove on. It was definitely different to your average yoga class, but not in a bad way!


there's a class on at one of GymBox's branches most days


how much

there are a variety of different membership options

what to wear

rave paint

(and stretchy clothes you can move in)

bottom line

you'll be wiggling your bum

*GymBox were kind enough to invite me a long to check out their (rather nice) new gym in Stratford and try Buti Yoga, but as always all opinions are my own*