Running Master Class with Nick Anderson and Saucony

Running is brilliant. The amount that this sport has brought to my life is unquantifiable, but by far the most significant thing is the connection it has given me with London. When I run I feel like I own these streets, I have an absolute right to be there, they are mine. It is magical to me how the city fits together, and I marvel that there are still vast swathes of the city I've not explored, despite running hundreds of miles through it's streets. I feel so lucky to be running under the gaze of this city I can hardly describe how it feels, but lets just say that when I saw these shots from a day spent at Mile End Stadium my heart did a little flutter (ok, an all out palpitation). I mean a running track set against London's sky line? That's the fantasy. Heck, it's the dirty dream...[clearly I have problems].

Have we all recovered from my twisted mind? I don't think the aim of the day was for me to get off on the skyline/running track combination. In fact I know it wasn't, it was to get more acquainted with the latest generation of Saucony's Zealot running shoe and learn some tips from Nick Anderson

Running on a track isn't something I get to do very often and it's nice to mess around on that springy surface and see what I can do. Plus having a great coach at my disposal is always fun.

During the morning Nick took us through various drills and tricks aimed at improving our form by lifting us up (not literally) and encouraging better posture. As someone who doesn't normally pay a huge amount of attention to their form day in day out it was interesting to see the impact drills can have. By simply shifting my pelvis and drawing myself up I could feel my movements become lighter, which in turn made me faster. Who doesn't like faster?!

Drills done and tricks learnt it was time to go and put Nick's wisdom (and Saucony's shoes) to the test under that magnificent skyline. Some would scoff that loops around the same track would be boring, but with East London looming overhead that could never be the case. 

*many thanks to Saucony for letting me mess around on a track, ask Nick's advice and generally gawp at the city. As always all opinions are my own, particularly the bit about dirty dreams...I'm sure that's pretty niche*