Countdown to Paris

I'm mindful I haven't written much about marathon training lately. Or actually much about anything. My off-line life has taken my attention away for awhile and I must admit that running a marathon hasn't been the first thing on my mind. This isn't the place I expected to be a week before taking the biggest race of my life. I'd have thought 26.2 would have consumed my every thought, but it's not. Instead I figure I'm just doing another long run, and I think that's a pretty good way to feel about things.

Training peaked a couple of weeks ago with a stella 20 mile adventure that weaved it's way through South London and back in to the city along the river. It only seemed right to include the Thames in my longest run when it's been such a constant in my running life. I came out of that run tired and sore but convinced that I could and I would run the distance in Paris. It was a feeling I can't quite describe, and probably a big part of the reason I feel quite so chilled now. That and remembering that running a long way is something I enjoy and have fun doing!

Since my 20 miler things have been getting gradually more and more relaxed. I've focused on yoga and Pilates to make sure that my body is in something approaching a reasonable condition, and all my runs have been easy and relaxed. I don't have taper anxiety, all I'm focused on is making sure my body is as relaxed and rested as it can be. 

I'm really looking forward to Paris, it'll be another really great, really long, run. My favourite.