A Day In the Life

At the moment my life is crazy busy! Seriously, it never seems to stop, I'll be up at 6am and then not stop moving until I crash out at around 11pm. It's so full on and I love it! Like seriously love it! There's something amazingly satisfying about being busy and getting things done, and that is where life is at right now. 

I've always loved 'a day in the life' posts, so when Nutri-Advanced approached me to share how I lead an active life I couldn't think of a better approach. 

Awhile ago Charlie wrote a post detailing her average day, so all credit has to go to her for this post.

the morning

At 5.30am my first alarm goes off. I hit snooze (several times) before hauling myself out of bed at around 6am. The first thing I do when I get up is brush my teeth (I hate morning mouth!) and put in my 'eyes' before making a cup of tea and taking the array of supplements that keep me going through the day! At the moment I'm taking Nutri-Advanced Multi-Advanced Superfood and MegaMag Energen Plus, and I've found they've made a big difference to my energy levels, which is just as well because my life is busy!

I try to keep my morning routine as simple as possible, I don't wear a tonne of make up (a little BB cream, some concealer and mascara) but my wild hair is pretty high maintenance and I spend a good 20 minutes each day battling it in to submission while watching the news.

Once I've got myself presentable I'm typically out the door by half past seven. I love my short walk to the station, the hit of fresh air is so refreshing and really wakes me up! I've got to admit I hate commuting, but living in London it's a necessary evil so I try to make the most of it by reading (loving Wild at the moment, it's giving me some bad ideas!), catching up on emails or just having some time to get my head straight for the day.

the work day

I try to be at my desk by half eight. After booting up the first thing I do is grab a cup of tea, check any emails that have come in over night and see what meetings I have lined up. Typically my diary is packed out all day so I'll also print off any paperwork I'll need and make sure I've stuffed a protein bar in my pocket in case lunch gets pushed back! 

It's a terrible thing to admit, but I rarely get a lunch break...yes I know it's not good for me. To work round this I make sure I've always got a quick and healthy lunch option on hand, yesterday it was a quinoa pot, but I also love Pret's salads and leftovers are always a good option! While I'm eating I take 10 minutes out and catch up on the news or do any 'life admin' (hello being on hold to the bank!).

In the afternoon I tend to have a bit more time to myself to do all the admin that goes along with my job - responding to emails, writing briefs, coaching my team and drafting for my managers. It's always good to get a bit of desk time, although I'm always desperate for a bit more!

after work

It's 5pm! I don't have a set finishing time at work, but typically I'm done by 5pm so that I can go do fun things, like run! Wednesdays are my favourite, after a superman style change in the loos it's off to Lululemon for a run with some of my favourite people! It's so much fun to explore the city, catch up on everyone's news and shake off the day. I'd always recommend it!

If I'm not at run club I might be in the gym sweating away my problems, or at a yoga or Pilates class stretching out my run stiffened muscles. You can check out some of my favourite studios here. 

the evening

Life has been crazy busy lately and as a result I've not been getting home until pretty late, but when I do the first thing on my mind is always food. I tend to go for a quick and easy option after a long day - baked eggs are a big favourite, I've yet to meet a person who doesn't like baked eggs!

After a long day it's so nice to unwind with a bath or shower. I'm a real sucker for luxury bath products, there's something about making an every day activity special that I love. At the moment I'm using Chanel Mademoiselle shower gel, it smells amazing and makes me feel far more glam than I actually am! 

Relaxed and clean it's time to pull on my pjs (I have an extensive Cath Kidson collection!) and snuggle down in bed for a quick read. The very last thing I do at night is pop on a little rose face oil (the best moisturiser) and hand creme (I don't need to tell you this one is the best). Then it's lights out around 11 (ok, sometimes 11.30!) and I'm asleep before I know it! 

How do you keep up with a busy schedule?

*I worked with Nutri-Advanced to put this post together, but as always all opinions are my own*