This is My Style

Over the last few years running and fashion have gradually edged closer and closer together. While in the past it might have been a case of putting up with smaller versions of men's kit, produced in pink, these days there are seemingly limitless options for women looking for stylish and functional kit. Whether you want to sprint like a panther in sleek head to toe black, or wear a riot of colour, there is kit out there for you, and it isn't a case of style over substance.

One of my go-to brands for performance kit is Helly Hansen. I love how they've merged their solid technical credentials, taking what they've learnt producing apparel for sailors, climbers and skiers, and applying it to their fitness offering. I also love that they've not sacrificed style, the whole range is stylish and practical - which is exactly what you want when you're working out. 

^rocking one of my favourite hoodies, it's surprisingly warm, but still comfy to run in!^

^ these trainers are great for HITT, they're super lightweight and flexible, so your feet can bend and respond quickly and easily. No more clumsy feet during burpees!^

^so this is really clever, a top that looks totally normal but then you put a light in front of it and you light up like a beacon! Look out for this piece next winter!^

I also love it when brands do something a little different, a little clever. This season Helly Hansen are doing just that. Their app This is My Style takes your running data and transforms it in to a unique pattern - the story of your run on your tights! The more you run, the more the design develops, how amazing would it be to have your run on your legs! Plus you could win your tights for real. How cool is that!