Powertone with ClassPass

All this month I'll be trying out some of the best classes in London with ClassPass. I've already tried (and loved!) Reformer Pilates at Epoch Fitness, and now I'm trying out power plates at Powertone.

The power plate has always fascinated me. Partly because my gym doesn't have one. Partly because of a story my friend Sophie tells. Either way, the idea of working out of a vibrating platform has a lot of novelty value!

Powertone is tucked up on the first floor of a strange little shopping centre on the Kings Road in Chelsea. It's slightly disconcerting climbing a narrow flight of stairs over a YMCA charity shop, but keep with it because Powertone is a great studio!

Stepping in to the small studio I was greeted so warmly and enthusiastically I was instantly at ease. With just two of us in the class it was more like a personal training session than a fitness class, and I was impressed by our trainer's knowledge and manner. Everything was pitched just right and I kept thinking what a great place this would be for someone who was just getting in to working out - I know they'd be looked after so well!

The workout itself was really versatile. The plate means you can get more value from each move, and there are lots of options to make exercise harder or easier depending on the individual. It also means you can get a lot out of a 30 minute workout - making it perfect for anyone with a busy life! 


classes throughout the day and at weekends


1st Floor, Kings Walk Mall, 122 Kings Road, London SW3 4TR

how much

join ClassPass for £89 a month and get unlimited access to studios across London

what to wear

stretchy, comfy clothes, don't worry about shoes or socks!

bottom line

a great class if you're short on time, new to working out or simply want to mix things up!

*Classpass have been kind enough to give me access to classes across London for the next month, but as always all opinions are my own*