Bootcamp Pilates with Classpass

All this month I'll be trying out some of the best classes in London with ClassPass. I've already tried Reformer Pilates at Epoch Fitness, power plates at Powertone and now it's all about Bootcamp Pilates!

Reformer Pilates might be my new favourite workout (after running, of course). I love the challenge of dealing with the equipment, the fact the pace is so much slower and the fact I can feel even the tiniest most tucked away muscle work.

After my first experience at Epoch I was keen to see what other studios had to offer, and Bootcamp Pilates came highlight recommended! 

Tucked down a rickety staircase on Peerless Street (always memorable because of this book) and tucked behind a bright green door, the studio is warm and inviting, a mercy when it's so early! 

I found this class tougher than my first experience of Reformer Pilates - it definitely lived up to the 'bootcamp' tag! I don't know if it was because it was early, or because I was having a slightly emotional day, but I definitely felt challenged, especially when faced with tasks like moving the bed up and down slowly (massive undersell, trust me it was hard) and pushing ourselves in pikes as the Reformer shifted beneath our hands.

Throughout the class the instructor took the time to correct our postures and encourage us to work a little harder, while also offering modifications for the moments when our shoulders burned and glutes could take no more. 

Walking out of the class I was that special type of unsteady you are when you know you've worked. Not having worked out in the morning for a while (a really long while) I was surprised how refreshed and awake I felt, my head was clear and I was ready for ready that I even ran 10 miles later that evening! 



I visited their studio in the City

how much

join ClassPass for £89 a month and get unlimited access to classes across London

what to wear

stretchy pants and a vest

bottom line

a challenging class that'll make you feel awesome!

*ClassPass have been kind enough to give me access to classes across London for the next month, but as always all opinions are my own*