Paris Marathon Training - week 10

It feels kind of inevitable that as soon as I hit the halfway point of marathon training something would go wrong. Or start to go wrong. 

Last week my calf started to play up. Thankfully I caught the twinge early and things seem (touch wood...actually make that a hug a tree) to have resolved. Getting there involved a teeth grindingly painful massage and three days of doing nothing by stretching, stretching and stretching. It wasn't fun, but I am so glad that I listened to my body and stopped. Skipping a short run isn't going to ruin my marathon, but a torn muscle might. The more I think about it the more I'm convinced that marathon training is a lesson in listening to your body and learning how to respond to it. The sooner you learn to trust your gut, the better.

My first workout of the week was a total wash out. Hopping on the treadmill last Tuesday I lasted a mile before my tight calves called quits. Cara and I then did a bit of strength training, but I was short of time and agitated so nothing really worked out. C'est la vie. 

Thanks to that teeth-grindingly painful massage I was able to head out with the crew at Lululemon for our usual Wednesday night jaunt. We had such a lovely time trotting around the Thames. I've said it before I'm sure, but I love running with these people. Everyone is so kind and it's fantastic to be part of such an inclusive and caring group. Plus my calves held up and I got to wear my bestest Lululemon tights complete with sexy mesh panels. Racy. (FYI my hoodie is Helly Hansen, in case you were wondering. It's cosy)

After three days off my 15 mile long run on Sunday was amazing! I loved every moment exploring East London, careering along the towpaths and trotting round the Queen Elizabeth Park. The miles flew by. It made me feel like 26.2 was within my grasp. After a week of discomfort and frustration that was magical and a massive relief. 

For the first five miles I trotted along cautiously. Run, run, stop, stretch. Each set of traffic lights. The stairs in and out of the Greenwich foot tunnel. Every opportunity. But it meant that by the sixth mile I was flying. My legs just kept going, and I'm pretty sure there were a few more miles in there. 

It was wondrous. Plus I got to crack out the Lulu tights again. Can't get enough of them. This time with a Lija half-zip which was also pretty amazing, just the right weight.

Miles run to Paris - 190

* Lululemon, Helly Hansen and Lija have all been kind enough to provide me with kit - which is a good thing when you get through as much of it as I do! But, as always all views are my own and I only share what I genuinely love and use*