Barretoned with Helly Hansen

There are three workout class I always underestimate - yoga, Pilates and barre - and without exception they always kick my ass. As soon as I leave cardio behind I seem to forget everything I know and assume I'm in for a nice gentle workout...usually I get a pretty rude awakening....which is exactly what happened when Helly Hansen invited me to try out a Barretoned class with them a couple of weeks ago.

Walking in to Barretoned's beautiful West London studio it was hard to fight my false sense of security. All calming colours, cosy carpets and fluffy beanbags, it was like dropping in for tea and cake with that very zen friend who always makes you feel a bit messy...that could just be me. Slipping off my shoes and grabbing two teeny weights my false sense of security continued. Then it stopped, because Barretoned is hard! Muscle burning, face scrunching, under the breath swearing hard! 

During the 30 minute taster class we were taken through some of the tough moves that make up aBarretoned workout. Using small, controlled movements and our own body weight we worked every major muscle group (and I'm sure a few of the more obscure ones) stretching out after each set. As I held each posture and moved my arms or legs just the tiniest amount it was easy to see how big an impact this workout could have...I definitely ached afterwards!

As well as being a killer workout, a big plus of Barretoned is that it's gentle on your joints, which makes it is great if you're pregnant, injured or new to working out. Whoever you are, Barretoned is a fantastic way to burn fat, build lean muscle and improve your flexibility and posture - all central to an active life.


Barretoned is a dedicated studio so there are classes all the time.


12 Chepstow Road, London, W2 5BD 

(online classes coming soon!)

how much

Not cheap, at least on the face of things. A single class is £28, but new students get buy one get one free bringing things down to £14 a class, and there are tonnes of bulk buying options if you get really in to it. 

what to wear

This isn't a super sweaty workout, comfy leggings and a loose top work perfectly.

bottom line

A really challenging workout that I'd definitely do again (especially once there's an online class!)


Many Thanks to Helly Hansen for inviting me to try out Barretoned, and to the team at Barretoned for hosting me. As always all options are my own*

photo credit - Antony Potts