Paris Marathon Training - weeks six & seven

You know what I said about week five feeling like the right time to up the ante? Well there's a reason I've not written much lately, the ante has well and truly upped. It's actually pretty awesome, but it does eat in to blogging time. 

Week six of marathon training was all about trying new things. On Tuesday Elle and I headed to Sweaty Betty at Jubilee Place to try out a Pilates class. I'll be honest, I went in to the class thinking it would be a nice relaxing break after Monday's strength training session in the gym. I was totally wrong - Pilates is hard! My butt was burning and all those little muscles I never think about were worked. I will definitely be back for more! 

Keeping with the theme, on Wednesday I was back at Lululemon leading run club. So, it wasn't totally new, but I'm still getting the hang of leading other runners. Good news - this week I didn't lose anyone!

Thursday saw me testing my limits again with a class led by the amazing Kayla Itsines! You can read all about it here - it was seriously hard!

It was also tough to get myself in the gym on Friday evening and run, but I'm glad I did because it's always the hard things that make you feel the best!

Week six's Sunday long run was a little shorter - seven miles - but because of poor prep on my part it felt really hard. The day before I'd been really lazy, let myself get dehydrated and not eaten enough. That's just not a good way to start a run, and by the end things felt really hard. Lesson most definitely learnt.

Week seven was all about upping the ante just that little bit further. The miles got that little bit longer with a six mile tempo run on Tuesday and 12 miles along the river on Sunday (followed by brunch at the awesome Jackson and Rye in Richmond). In the past I've felt like a little bit of a fraud when I say I'm training for a marathon because I haven't been running massive miles. I can now say that's totally passed. It's double figures all the way now.

Now my miles are longer I think I need to mix up my training and not do legs on a Monday - this week's session was so tough, all of me burnt! By Thursday I was pretty knackered so it was a short strength session and intervals on the treadmill. Sometimes it's good to give yourself a break! 

As usual I was at Lululemon on Wednesday leading this crew for 4 miles through the city. It was great to have such a good turn out and lovely to see Jen - one of my favourite runners/enthusiastic people!

So that was the last two weeks...I'm looking forward to the next 11!

Miles run to Paris - 124