Marathon Tips - Kiera

Paris will be my first marathon. It's a daunting prospect. Thankfully some pretty awesome people have agreed to share their top tips with me (and you!) as I work out how to run 26.2!

This week, Kiera!

Read all the advice and blogs you can get your hands on, but ultimately you have to figure out what works best for you. Just because everyone on Twitter seems to be getting up at 5am on Sundays to do their long runs doesn't mean you have to!

Sometimes easier said than done but try not to let it stress you out! Fitting a training schedule into an already busy life is very challenging- but it is totally doable and you have made a choice to do it. If you feel yourself getting stressed about it then try and remember why you're doing this- i.e.(hopefully) you love running and want a challenge. Also try and keep things in perspective- missing an occasional session is not the end of the world I promise!

Don't just run- this is also easier said than done and to date I've been my own worst enemy. But do some strength training, and do some yoga (this YouTube video is my favourite)

In my experience training for a marathon is harder than running the actual marathon- enjoy race day and soak up the atmosphere and memories!

Check out tips from other marathoners here. What are your top tips?