Paris Marathon Training - week two

Week two of marathon training and the strange feelings I wrote about last week haven't quite gone yet. A lot of the time I still feel like a bit of a fraud saying that I'm training for a marathon. 

Saying that, I did get a little taste of the commitment needed to train for a marathon, squeezing runs in between work and holiday parties and making sure I get out the door even though I'm bone tired after a tough year at work. Each time I question wanting to train I remind myself that this is just the start, and that things will get harder. That's scary. Then I think about everything running has given me, and how I feel when I run. And it reminds me that, while the first steps out the door when I'm bone tired and freezing cold are hard, the steps afterwards are awesome. That's why I run. 

The weeks before Christmas are a busy time for me both at work and socially, so my cross training has had to be quick and easy. On 


I relied on old faithful - half an hour on the bike in the gym, 12km covered and I was out the door. For yoga I've been relying on FitStar Yoga, a fab app that meant I could fit in half an hour of stretching in at 10pm on



With all of that in mind, it's probably good that this week has been full of social running engagements. On 


Lululemon hooked up with Advent Running for a festive run through the city with a pit stop at a members club in Kings Cross from (non-alcoholic) mulled wine. It was lovely to see so many runners together and to catch up with some of the brave people taking on Advent Running's festive run streak! 

My other week day runs have been squeezed in around the edges. On


I ran around the block. In the past I've found running the same route time and again boring, but recently I've found it really reassuring.


run was a really effort in juggling - squeezed in between work, a work party and a nail appointment, I managed to run 3 miles on a treadmill while watching TV. I'm not normally a treadmill person. I love being outdoors, but sometimes needs must, and I can see deferring to the treadmill from time to time over the next few months. 


long run was my first attempt at racing as training. My plan called for seven miles, so I was up at the crack of dawn to run a mile before heading up to Greenwich to meet the rest of Team Naturally for Run Through's Christmas 10k around the park. 

(picture borrowed from Leah)

Standing waiting for the race to start I've never been so cold. I wished I'd invested in one of the very festive (and super warm) Christmas Tree outfits the other's were wearing, but instead I was hopping from one foot to another in a thin top, each minute seeming longer than the next! 

Once we got going (and I got marginally warmer) the route was much nice than expected. I'd anticipated a repeat of last month, and although there were some killer hills, they were nowhere near as bad as before, although I did come out with a slightly slower time at 58:23, but we'll put that down to the cold! Anyway, with such an awesome medal, time doesn't really matter! 

Miles run to Paris - 33