Paris Marathon Training - week three

This evening I should have run three miles. Instead I ate cheese and watched House with DT. My first skipped run of marathon training. I felt bad about it for all of a moment and then stopped. In every training plan I've ever had I've earmarked a run each week that I know I can drop if life gets in the way. Today life got in the way, so I took advantage of my planning, after all it is the season of rest an recuperation. 2015 is going to be a big year, so getting in extra rest now can't be a bad thing. 

Other that skipping today's run, Christmas week training has stayed surprisingly on track.

On Monday I hit the gym to squeeze in a little cross training on the bike between a meeting and picking up my brand new marathon trainers. There are few things that are more exciting than new running shoes. That statement alone marks me out as a massive geek, but I love going to Runners Need, hopping on the treadmill, trying out loads of shoes, watching the playback and settling on the latest version of Nike's Zoom Structure shoe. 

Tuesday saw me waiting in for a delivery, which resulted in a double workout because I had time to kill. In the morning I did some long overdue strength training including this workout. It looks easy, but actually it's a killer - I had DOMS for days afterwards. In the afternoon I headed out for four miles around my neighbourhood - 2 miles out and 2 miles back, not always inspiring but a great way to get the miles in on a cold day!

On Wednesday I joined colleagues for a festive 5k RUNch around the Isle of Dogs - an often overlooked part of London that is actually pretty lovely to run around!

It was really important to me to make the most of this festive season and spend time with my family. I know over the next few months time is not going to be on my side as my schedule intensifies, so not running at Christmas felt right. It was lovely to spend time with the people I love and eat a tonne, just like it was lovely to hang out with DT tonight and eat cheese this evening. 

You know what was also lovely? That DT joined me for my long run on Saturday! You have no idea how happy it made me to have him running alongside me for 5 miles around Salcey Forest, and how proud he did - it was only his second run after nearly 7 years off! Long runs are my favourite, and they're even better when you're running with awesome people! 

Miles run to Paris - 45