Marathon Tips - Becky

Paris will be my first marathon. It's a daunting prospect. Thankfully some pretty awesome people have agreed to share their top tips with me (and you!) as I work out how to run 26.2!

First up, Becky!

So, I have run Brighton twice - once in 2012 and the other this April.

Probably the best bit of advice, having done it twice, is not to necessarily follow a training plan.

For my first, I followed a plan that had me running three times a week - that's not a great deal. But, at the time I wasn't strong enough to recover from running more than once a week, so got injured and couldn't run for the six weeks before the marathon! 

This time I decided to do my own thing and stick to a run once a week slowly building up the milage to 20 miles three weeks before the race. If I felt like an extra run or two during the week I did it, but there was no pressure. I was able to stay injury free and continue with my cross-training/strength work during the week which helped maintain my core and upper body strength, as well as working my glutes (which were seriously lacking the first time round!). In my second marathon I was able to get round in 4 hours, 29 minutes - half an hour faster than in 2012. Plus I was back running six days later, totally injury free!

In a nutshell, do your own thing. Don't feel bad if you need to shorten a run, or if you feel like your body needs yoga instead one day. Plan with only yourself in mind, not what anyone else/a running mag/website thinks is best for you.

Honestly, marathon running is one of the best things you can do - you will be so proud of yourself and can have a lifetime of telling people you've done one. There is a cool stat that only 1% of the whole world will ever do a marathon - it's a cool club to join!

Have you run a marathon? Do you have wisdom to impart? I'd love to hear from you!