Get To Know Me

 Something I'm always mindful of is that blogs are just a snapshot of someone's life. They're an edited version of what a blogger is willing to share. I always strive to be honest in this space, but unless you know me 'off line' you probably won't get to see the full story of my life.  There are also a lot of things that just won't come up in this space. Random facts about me that you'd never know unless they came up in conversation.

It's always nice to share a little more about myself, the random friendly stuff that you might read and go 'wow, I love that too'. It's the best way to connect, so I'm pretty happy Leah tagged me to share some more about myself!

four names that people call me, other than my real name

My closest friends have a couple of names for me including Prune (and variations around Prune) and Bethanaroo. At work I get referred to as B or BT (because it's how I sign off my emails)

four jobs I have had (not counting any current jobs)

pharmacy counter assistant 
sales associate at Gap 
telephone charity fundraiser
event waiter

four movies I've watched more than once

Garden State
Love Actually
Ice Age
all the Christmas films they show every year

four books I'd recommend

four places I have lived

North Berwick, Scotland - where I spent most of my childhood

Mbabane, Swaziland - where I went to sixth form

Bristol, England - where I went to university and met some of my closest friends

Jaipur, India - where I interned and learnt a lot about myself and other people

four places I have been

The USA 

four places I wouldn't mind being right now

New York City
in my bed, napping
anywhere hot and sunny with a really nice drink and a good book
in the blue lagoon

four things I don't eat

there aren't many things I don't eat (I went to boarding school), except baked beans and gravy (together or separately)

four of my favourite foods


four TV shows that I watch

Made in Chelsea
Big Bang Theory

four things I am looking forward to this year (next 12 months)

taking a holiday somewhere hot
turning 30 (!)
the top-secret adventures I've got tucked up my sleeve!

four things I'm always saying

I'm sleepy
I have to run today
the worst they can say is no...
I'm going for a nap

Now it's my turn to tag, you're up Kerrin and Lou!