marathon prep: being nice to my feet

While I was training for Birmingham I messed up my feet big time. They were covered in sores, blisters and scabs. Any run over eight miles left me with massive blisters on the arch of my foot. It wasn't pretty.

All of this got me thinking about how I could be a little kinder to my feet during marathon training.

I had never really thought about the impact my socks could have. I always wear running socks, I know I hate when they bunch up, I have favourites. But it wasn't until the lovely people at SOLE got in touch that I realised socks could be more.

For someone with super sensitive blister prone feet the SOLE dual layer performance sock is a dream.

Two layers reduce friction and prevents blisters from developing. In addition, a TensorFit arch band ensures socks stay in place (nothing worse than toe bunch!) and provides extra support. 

Now I've tried double layer socks before. Just the once. And I wasn't impressed. The socks I tried were bulky, the layers were loose, and I still got blisters. 

The SOLE dual layer sock were nothing like this. My feet have never been clad in something so soft, the sock clung without being uncomfortable and moved when I moved. It's fair to say I was pretty impressed. Oh, and there wasn't a blister in sight. 

These socks could be my secret to happy feet while I clock up more miles than ever over the next few months.


soft, no bunching, seamless, left and right fit, good value price point


limited colours (only black and white)

SOLE dual layer performance socks are available in crew, ankle (which I tried) and no show lengths in either black or while). Ankle and no show retail at £11.50 and crew at £13. The socks are available online or from retailers nationwide.

The lovely people at SOLE were kind enough to send me a pair of socks to try out, but as always all opinions are my own.