Like the Wind Pop Up


Like the Wind is probably one of the most innovative running magazines out there at the moment. While I love the technical articles and advice in magazines like Runner's World, I also love stories. and Like the Wind is all about stories. Really inspiring stories. And beautiful illustrations. I'm getting excited little palpitations as I type.

I mentioned last week that I had popped along to Like the Wind's recent pop up gallery, and left on a floaty cloud of runspiration thanks to the amazing speakers who shared their thoughts and experience.

Peter McHugh de Clare, founder of Run Fast, lamented that the Brits are getting slow and fat because we don't move enough - something that, as a desk monkey by day, I couldn't agree with more. 

The wonderful Veronique Marot advised we take one day at a time, that we forget the tech, that we run fast and hard taking breaks when we get tired. 

James Gilly, founder of SPAT spoke passionately about the power of running, how it builds confidence and self-esteem - something I truly believe to be true. He also reminded us that running is the great equaliser, something that is pretty wonderful.

Wanda Summers shared how running helped her to walk again. It is a truly amazing story which reminded me that anything is possible when you have faith.

Robbie Britton talked about drugs. Or more specifically why running is better than drugs, the similarities between runners and people on drugs (lots) and why we don't talk about drugs in our sport (but we really should).

The great Charlie Spedding spoke about how running is perseverance. Good things require time and effort to fulfil their potential, and we need to remember that as we train. Charlie also imparted his tips on how to fit in a run while on a date...

Oh and I've already told you about Steve Way.

With all of that it was hard not to feel inspired!

As well as inspiring talks, Like the Wind had put together an amazing space in the Blackall Gallery showcasing running culture, including work by the illustrators who contribute to the magazine. Seeing the spirit of running captured as an image is something quite special, and I wouldn't mind a few of the prints for my walls!

Oh and this tote feels appropriate after my recent half marathon experience!

Issue three of Like the Wind is on sale now, and there are some great subscription offers - the perfect Christmas gift for the runners in your life (hint).