Life Advice from Steve Way

I don't think Steve Way meant this as life advice. I think he meant it as running advice. But the mood that I am in led me to extrapolate. Plus there is lots of scope for a deep conversation about the symmetry of life and running, but I'm not sure you want to read a seventy thousand word thesis today, so I will stick to the point.

Last night I popped along to Like the Wind's pop-up for 'Running Is...'. There were so many inspiring speakers I cam out floating on a cloud of runspiration and all round good feeling. The last talk was by Steve Way and it resonated (not that the others didn't, but that's another blog post)because actually it pin pointed what's up with my life at the moment.

I wrote last week that I wasn't really running at the moment. By fluke I did manage to make it to Wednesday night run club this week, but that has been it. At the same time I've been flooded with social engagements, small talk and work. It's been overwhelming. I don't mind being busy, in fact I enjoy it, but I appear to be a creature of routine. And once things slip it all comes crashing down. By Thursday this week I had to cry off a night out and go home to sit in bed and recover from life. And with the help of Steve Way I worked out why. 

Steve's talk was titled 'Running isn't rocket science'. He ran through the basics that we all need to get right to reach their potential. We talk about all these complicated theories and approaches to training, but unless we get these basics right we aren't going to get far. And I think the same applies to life more generally.

healthy living

For the last couple of weeks my diet has been pretty beige, processed and packed with sugar. I've skipped dinner on more than one night and there have been days where I haven't exactly eaten a rainbow. It's not really a surprise that I feel sluggish, run down and on the verge of a cold.


I need sleep. Good quality sleep. If I don't I turn in to some grouchy, short tempered little monster who can be driven to tears by innocuous things like a drawer not opening (yeah, that happened). Unfortunately I am not great at remembering I need sleep. And life punishes me for that.

core and strength

So Steve was referring to planks (tip for life - tell your husband/wife you aren't allowed your tea until you've done your core!). I hate planks but know I have to do them. But that isn't really the point. The point is you need a solid base so that life doesn't break you. Support systems are so important, having people around you that can support you when life gets tricky and keep you on an upward trajectory. This week friends and family have been so important. And they didn't even mind when I blew out an event on Thursday to go to bed!

consistency and milage

A few weeks ago I got pretty deep when I was talking to my Mum and was really able to clarify my approach to life. Through life you should always be pushing forward, learning and developing yourself. The minute you stop being curious and start getting complacent, is the minute you need to question what you are doing. As long as you are consistent in the hard work you put in, as long as you keep learning, then you will reach your potential.

I am not totally sure Steve expected his talk to be interpreted as life advice, but there you go.