No Excuses


Earlier this week Sophie commented on Twitter that she really hates guilt based 'no excuses' based fitness phrases. It prompted a really good conversation about how negative these messages can be for all sorts of reasons.

Nobody should feel guilty for missing the odd session here or there. It is part of life.

This week has been crazy full on. Although I had Monday off to recover from Birmingham, the rest of the week has been busier than I care to think about. Work days have been long and demanding, cortisol has been careering through my system at the speed of light and however much I sleep it's not enough. I feel exhausted, overwhelmed and pretty blue. It's pretty grim, and while I know things will improve I also know this won't happen immediately. It's vicious.

Normally when life is tough running steps in and gives me the freedom I need to cope. Striding out allows me time to breath, to filter the thoughts raging around my head, to get away from everything and reboot. Half an hour on the road and I am sorted, refreshed and ready to get back to the grind. It's how I juggle all the priorities that compete in my life. It is how I am kind to myself. How I look after myself.

However, sometimes you reach the point where other things take over. Where however much you would like to train, however good it is for you physically and mentally, there just isn't room. Where you need that focus for other things and you need to sacrifice. That is the point that I am at at the moment. In all honesty I am too tired and too drained to run at the moment. My energy is needed elsewhere, and you know what, I am ok with that. I will be back out there soon, but for the next week or so running is on the back burner. And I am not going to feel guilty about it.

What do you think of 'motivational' messages?