Birmingham Great Run - week ten

This week was a massive reminder of the healing powers of running. 

Life has been crazy lately. My week started with a bout of insomnia - something I've battled with from time to time since I was a small child - and work went absolutely crazy. Without a couple of good runs I think I would have blown my head, but as always hitting the pavement kept my head straight. It's one of the many reasons that I love to lace up my trainers. That and some amazing veiws!

However, crazy work and sleepless nights have knocked my training a little. Cross training got cut short, yoga was skipped and I bailed on a short run in favour of spending time having my spirits lifted by friends. I am ok with this. I am pretty firm with myself about training, but I also listen to my body, if it is saying rest then I rest. And friends are therapy!

Thinking of friends, I had a great run this week with the wonderful team at Lululemon! They are such a fantastic bunch, so friendly and open, it is difficult not to have a great time with them! Sadly other commitments have meant I haven't been making it down to Covent Garden as much as I would like lately, but each time I do I kick myself and wish I could get there more!

As I enter the last few weeks of training (eek!) my long runs are getting longer and more challenging. I've been so lucky so far to share these longer runs with some awesome women, many of whom I have met through Team Naturally Run. It is wonderful to connect with so many like minded women and share some great experiences!

This week I had the great pleasure of sharing 11 miles with Katie - visiting from the States Katie got in touch with Ashley because she needed to get 10 miles under her feet, and it led to an introduction! It was awesome to be able to show off my city and explore some new routes. If it wasn't for running, things like this wouldn't happen!

What I did this week - 

13 km on the bike

rest day

4 miles with Lululemon

5 miles (and some amazing sunsets!)

rest day

rest day

11 miles

Two weeks to go and I am feeling good and getting excited!

What are your top half marathon tips?