Hot Bikram Yoga

I will tell you a secret, I've always been a little bit scared of hot yoga. The idea of working out in 40 degree heat and 60% humidity is pretty intimidating. Plus there is always the fear the class will be full of super bendy ballet dancers and I will end up looking like a sweaty hobbit with joint problems....

...anyway...I believe in challenging myself and facing my fears, so when the opportunity came up to spend some time running and stretch with the lovely people at Hot Bikram Yoga I took a deep breath and stepped in to the warm room.

So, I think our hosts might have known their crowd because before hitting the studio, Hot Bikram Yoga's resident run leader, David Pearce took us on a little run around the city. It was great to be out in the fresh air first thing in the morning, taking advantage of the streets before they got too busy and checking out some of the beautiful sights that make me love this city so much.

Back at the studio it was time to face my fears. Bhoyed by a pep talk from Hot Bikram Yoga’s Olga Allon I was ready to go, and clutching an extremely large bottle of water, it was in to the studio.

And it was amazing!

The class was challenging, it pushed me mentally and physically, but it also left me super relaxed - I was floating on a zen cloud for the entire day, and no hiccup could knock me off!

As well as being super relaxing (and making you more willing to pose for sweaty pictures), Hot Bikram Yoga can seriously enhance your winter training!

1. improved flexibility and core strength can help to prevent injury - meaning it's more likely you will be on the start line for that spring marathon!

2. you'll feel super energised - just what you need to battle the long dark nights and keep up with your training!

3. better posture - good posture can help improve your running form and efficiency, aka free speed!

4. improved lung capacity - breath more slowly and deeply and you will relax, which means your performance will improve!

5. it will get you in the zone - with enough practice yoga can help you achieve a state of flow and get 'in the zone' on race day.

I was invited along to this event by Human Race to celebrate London Winter Run but, as always, the opinions are all my own.