Conquer the Cold - London Winter Run

However much I moan about the days drawing closer and the nights getting longer, one thing I love about winter is training! There is something about wrapping up, getting out and enjoying myself! Nothing is better than the feeling you get when you've conquered the cold, and it makes my post run hot chocolate taste even better! 

This year there is an even better reasons to get out and conquer the cold - London Winter Run, the city's coolest 10k run! 

On Sunday 1 February 2015, 15,000 people will be braving the cold and running through the city along a beautiful course that takes in all of the sights and treats you to flurries of snowfall in special snow zones! Oh and there is the promise of polar bear hugs and medals when you finish - how snuggly!

I don't know about you, but I am excited at the mere thought of this race, and if you're anything like me you will want to get your entry in quick sharp! Standard entries cost £39 (this ends midnight 15 December 2014, and is subject to availability - see website for details) and late entries £45 (ending midnight 19 January 2015). Plus if you are extra quick you can take advantage of the discount code KISDISCOUNT for £3 off your entry price! Can't wait to see you there!