Birmingham Great Run - week six

To be honest, with one exception, most of my runs this week haven't been that interesting, really they just 'happened'. I did think I would feel the half way mark of my training a little more, but it just came and went. Thinking about it, this could be because I am pretty comfortable with how things are going, I'm on track and feel good about my training programme (even with a skipped session here and there!). So far, so good, and no need to panic. It's a nice feeling.

There was a real highlight this week - my first run with the Wednesday Evening Run Club at Lululemon Covent Garden. Led by lovely Elle and lovely Jen, we ran through the city, worked out on The Mall, chatted and made new friends along the way. It was a really lovely experience - the positive, social side of running that I love. I will definitely be back - and you should go too! 

What I did this week - 

Monday - 17km on an exercise bike

Tuesday - rest day (I cannot wait until my yoga teacher is back from holiday!)

Wednesday - 4 miles with Lululemon Wednesday Night Run Club

Thursday - 2.75 miles 

Friday - rest day (but I really should have run!)

Saturday - rest day

Sunday - 3 miles