Birmingham Great Run - week nine

When you first start out, the idea of running with other people can be super intimidating. I know it was for me. It might be that you don't know anyone you can run with. It might be fears about fear of being slow. Whatever it is, getting up the courage to run with others can be a big deal.

But it is totally worth it.

Nothing beats getting together with like minded people, exploring a new route (or an old favourite) and seeing the miles fly by. Pure joy.

This week I was so lucky and got to do nearly all of my miles with lots of lovely people. Whether it was running and yoga on Wednesday, Run or Dye on Saturday, or 10 miles of bridges on Sunday, I felt really privileged to support and be supported by new friends and old friends alike. Am I gushing? It must be all those lovely run endorphins!

Run or Dye was as colourful and fun as promised - at least in the parking lot before the run, where we had a great time covering each other in bright powdered paint! Out on the course the colour stations where a little underwhelming. However the amazing company of Cara, Becca, Mollie and Tessa more than made up for it, and we had a blast! 

Long runs are best run with company, and I will put the speed at which 10 miles flew by down to the awesome company that joined me crossing all the bridge between Canary Wharf and Battersea park! The route was pretty awesome too - if you are looking for a fun run through Central London, past some amazing sights, this is one for you!

 What I did this week - 

rest day


3.5 mile run (I think) and Bikram Yoga

5 mile run commute

rest day


10 miles across all of the bridges