Birmingham Great Run - week eight

Embracing life means that sometimes you find yourself in some weird situations, like that time you found yourself doing yoga outside the Houses of Parliament on a Wednesday night in the company of a giant white bunny. It was a blast and raised awareness of the amazing power of yoga - worth trampling around Parliament Square with no shoes on!

This week my Dad also embraced life and ran his first 10k! I paced him around the course, and he finished in 1:12:10 - which is a pretty respectable result for a first 10k. I am really proud of my Dad for taking on this challenge and doing something new. 

Pacing was a new challenge for me, I felt a really big responsibility to keep everything on track and make sure that my Dad had a good race experience. I spent the whole time checking our pace, making sure it wasn't going too fast or too slow, looking for routes through the crowd and making sure Dad didn't fall behind. It was really satisfying helping someone else have a good race, and pretty nice not to have to think about my own performance!

what I did this week - 

Monday -

17km on an exercise bike

Tuesday -


Wednesday -

flash mob yoga!

Thursday -

3 mile run

Friday -

5 mile run

Saturday -

rest day

Sunday -

Swansea Bay 10k

 (special race report coming soon!!)

what did you do to embrace life this week?